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Mind, Thinking & Creativity

Human Attitudes that Prevent the Advance of Human Progress and Civilization

Marco Vitiello
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract In a rapidly changing world, school systems need to adapt themselves rapidly in order to be able to prepare their students for the upcoming challenges that are threatening the world today. If many steps have been taken by humanity towards progress, the multiple efforts needed to not stop this trend can be achieved only if human beings are taught differently from the... Read more
Janani Ramanathan
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract Moving from scarcity of knowledge and lack of access to information to an overabundance of data comes with a downside. It is difficult to establish the veracity and impartiality of information today. With increasing freedom for everyone to make themselves heard, personal opinions, prejudices, even falsehood come to be alongside facts. In such a scenario, it... Read more
Ashok Natarajan
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract Human civilization is a long record of the evolution of human thought Rationality enables civilizations to progress. Since the time of Socrates, human advancement has relied heavily on the power of logic and reason. Logic involves study while reason involves implementation. Converting reason into action would require not so much new creativity but a greater... Read more
Walton Stinson
 Get Full Text in PDF Editorial Note: This article is the first in a new series on individuals of the past and present who offer fresh perspectives and fundamental insights into the nature of reality, social processes and humanity’s place in the world. Sri Aurobindo was a multifaceted man, viewed in different ways by different people. To some he was a spiritual or religious figure, a poet... Read more