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Volume 4, Issue 3 - November 2020

Inside this Issue

Jonathan Granoff
A comprehensive approach that refocuses energy, resources, and metrics of success on human beings and the natural and social environments in which we live is needed. Read more
Garry Jacobs, Donato Kiniger-Passigli, Alexander Likhotal
Innovative strategies can be adopted to enhance awareness, knowledge, understanding and support for multilateralism through relations with its vast and diverse network of stakeholders around the world to strengthen support for the UN at a time when it is more vitally needed than ever before. Read more
Ashok Natarajan
There is an urgent need to strengthen multilateral institutions and take initiatives leading to the formation of a world government that has sufficient knowledge, authority and support to implement its resolutions. Read more
Dragan Djuricin
How long can the linear model of growth combined with existing economic policies be followed? This approach is not environmentally and socially sustainable. Read more
Michael Marien
The wide array of proliferating COVID reports is a prime example of an inefficient glut of competing leaders on the world stage. Read more
Federica Donati
Global challenges require global solutions and only through a "coalitions of the willing" of states and an integrated and coordinated management between actors at the local, regional and global level, it will be possible to achieve meaningful progress in the development of Agenda 2030 and the fight against coronavirus. Read more
Marco Vitiello
As the current world order is decaying and new powers and cultures are challenging the status quo, it is important that we all understand how to cooperate in order to achieve a peaceful transition from the old order to a new and more just order through which global problems affecting humanity can be concretely addressed. Read more
Dina Dragija
Youth activism plays a key part in building strategies to end and prevent new wars through the development of a cosmopolitan, tolerant, and responsible global civil society. Read more
Mila Popovich, Julene Siddique
The arts and culture can issue the call to action in this historical moment for a momentous collective breakthrough—rising to higher values for a global movement for fairness, peace, sustainable fulfilment of human needs and the creative expression of human spirit. Read more
Piero Dominici
The great mistake being made by the technological civilization today is precisely that of believing that the kind of education and/or training that is necessary today is purely technical and/or technological, which instead is the exact opposite of what we so desperately need. Read more
Valentina Bondarenko
Existing economic theories and scientific knowledge at large fail to reveal the objective causes of crises, risks and all other negative phenomena, and to offer to the global world uniform development strategies and effective mechanisms. Read more
Robert Oppenheimer
This world of ours is a new world, in which the unity of knowledge, the nature of human communities, the order of society, the order of ideas, the very notions of society and culture have changed and will not return to what they have been in the past. What is new is new not because it has never been there before, but because it has changed in quality. Read more
Michael Marien
If this SSG report results in just one of the 66 items making a difference in just one country or city, it will at least have been a modest success! Read more