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Volume 3, Issue 5 - October, 2018

The Future of Democracy Challenged in the Digital Age

Hazel Henderson
Recent evidence is marshalled concerning the impact on democracies of the global explosion of electronic platforms and digital companies, based initially on the US government- supported and now worldwide Internet. Read more
Frank Dixon
System change is the most important sustainability issue. Flawed economic and political systems compel all companies to degrade the environment and society. Read more
Janani Ramanathan, Garry Jacobs
Great achievements of the past hold invaluable lessons for the future. Often we deify the leader and celebrate the outcome, but overlook the underlying principles they reflect. Read more
Dora Damjanović
Almost thirty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, it has become all too easy to say that the Wall “fell,” but what does that actually mean? Read more
Thomas Reuter
The ideological war between globalism and resurgent nationalism in recent years is seen as an invitation to take sides by many intellectuals. Read more
Ashok Natarajan
As society evolves in consciousness, the character of its leadership evolves as well. The physical stage of human development is characterized by the rule of physical strength Read more
Carlos Blanco
This paper addresses the problem of how to identify a small and parsimonious set of principles or “postulates” that may help us understand the great theoretical foundations of the social sciences. Read more
Winston P. Nagan, Brittany DiCaprio
The anthropological literature has given us a key to understanding life in a very elementary community. Life revolves around human beings energized to satisfy human needs. Read more
João Caraça
The emergence of science-based industries after the Second World War, characterized by high technological intensity, created deep impacts on the economy, society, and on the scientific establishment itself. Read more
Dimitrios Kyriakou
To measure the debt crisis in Europe in general, and in Greece in particular, there are different levels of analysis, rarely examined together: at the global, EU and the national levels. Read more
Ivo Šlaus
In our interdependent and fast changing world, every individual’s future depends on the wellbeing of all humanity. Read more
Robert Van Harten
Quantum physics with quantum entanglement as its crown, has shaken up science as we knew it. ‘Is another powerful change in the offing?,’ we can ask. Read more
Goran Bandov, Nikolina Herceg Kolman
Europeanization is a highly complex phenomenon researched through various approaches, methodological frames and concepts. One of the leading discussions in literature is whether Europeanization happens as a top-down or a bottom-up phenomenon. Read more
John Bunzl
When considering governments’ failure to act on global problems such as climate change, the comment often heard is “all that is required is the political will”; the implication being that governments are somehow negligent, irresponsible and do not care sufficiently about such issues. Read more
James Surwilo
The SIMPOL Solution: A New way to think about solving the world’s Biggest Problems, 2018, Amherst: Prometheus Read more