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Volume 2 Issue 6

Towards an Understanding of Global Crises
The Crisis of Labour, Widespread Precarity and Basic Income
Homoeconomico-politicus, Scientific Consciousness, and the Defense of Fundamental Values in the Context of the Climate Change Crisis: The Challenge of Scientific Responsibility for the Future of Economic and Political Science
Socioeconomic Challenges and Crises: Brazilian Illustration and the Search for a New Paradigm

Joanilio Rodolpho Teixeira, Rodolfo Marcílio Teixeira
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract Economic Neoliberalism in its most perverse form has been recapturing the imagination of policy makers worldwide. It emerged in the context of a prolonged crisis, increasing unemployment and unsustainability in the public sector. Growth slowdown reflects several factors, including domestic errors of economic policies, lower commodity prices and structural... Read more
Winston P. Nagan, Megan Weeren
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The general framework of this paper is to focus on the evolution of scientific consciousness and the dramatic technological developments it has generated, which have vital and highly consequential consequences for social organization on a global basis. The central fact about the current technological revolution is the enormous challenges it provides for... Read more
Luca Santini, Sandro Gobetti
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract A feeling of uncertainty about the future as well as the perception that the past classical securities are gone are widely spread among people. Criticism or disaffection affects the majority of the traditional political forces of the European continent. It is not possible to talk about the European crisis without referring to the crisis of the wage-based... Read more
Neantro Saavedra-Rivano
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract This paper offers some elements for the construction of a theory of global crises. It distinguishes between man-made crises and human-induced crises. The conceptual framework developed draws upon the ideas set forth by Douglass North in his explanations of the historical process of economic change and by Ronald Heiner in his critique of the conventional... Read more