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Inside This Issue


Part 1 of this issue underscores the critical themes of Human Security and Education. Both themes are inextricably linked to the World Academy of Art & Science’s overarching mission. The articles in the first part explore the role of human security as a unifying frame of reference and effective force for addressing a wide range of high priority social objectives. They highlight the validity and importance of Human Security as a universal benchmark for effective development strategies in future.

The first article by 11 members of the WAAS Board of Trustees is intended to provide insight into the founding intention and evolution of the Academy since its inception and the nature of the transition it is now undergoing as it aligns itself with the rapidly changing global context. Throughout its lifespan, the Academy has remained steadfast in its commitment to addressing the pressing global challenges to human security.

Education has long served as a fundamental instrument for conscious social evolution by serving as a conduit for the transmission of aspirations, values and knowledge across generations. However, in the evolving landscape of the 21st century, the prevailing pedagogy, content and delivery systems are inadequate. The need of the hour is education that is relevant and adaptable to the challenges of our time.

The articles covered in the education section serve as a clarion call for a paradigm shift in education—a shift towards a transdisciplinary approach that integrates diverse perspectives and fosters holistic thinking.

We hope you enjoy this issue.