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Volume 4 Issue 2

Ivo Šlaus
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract A novel global governance and leadership paradigm is proposed. Survival of humanity demands paradigmatic changes. Saving natural and human capital requires new economic and new political paradigms. We focus here on political paradigm change. The world today can be destroyed in less than a day by error, terror and stupidity. We know that the world and its natural and... Read more
Hans d’Orville
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract * The article discusses the interrelated issues of urbanisation, innovation and governance in the quest for sustainable development. Given present trends in urbanisation, cities are playing an ever more important role in the world’s development and globalisation process. Cities must innovate to achieve sustainability. The technologies of the Fourth Industrial... Read more
Robert Cavey
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The main goal of the present paper is to make a suggestion about global leadership in the 21st century from a perspective somewhat removed from the most (and justly) dominant one. Great powers, international institutions, and grand strategies appropriately get the most attention. It is to them that we look to create the peace, prosperity and justice with which we... Read more
Hazel Henderson
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract Traces human societies’ organizing and leadership modalities, from early nomadic tribes to settled agricultural villages, towns, companies and today’s mega-cities, multi-national alliances and the United Nations (UN). Scaling these human organizational processes involved leadership, persuasion, coercion and violence. Initially these processes were steered by... Read more
Marco Vitiello
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract In a rapidly changing world, school systems need to adapt themselves rapidly in order to be able to prepare their students for the upcoming challenges that are threatening the world today. If many steps have been taken by humanity towards progress, the multiple efforts needed to not stop this trend can be achieved only if human beings are taught differently from the... Read more
Fadwa El Guindi
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract A rapid change in technology is creating pressure on education to meet employment needs. Two overarching points are discussed in this article: first, rather than fearing the robotization of humans we should humanize technology to serve humanity and second, any educational reform must be contextualized: in particular social and cultural traditions, values and... Read more
Marcel Van de Voorde
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The modern approach to University education and research cuts across traditional boundaries. In order to obtain maximum benefit from research effort globally, universities need to adapt their approaches to the management and organization of research and teaching, to foster transdisciplinary working and promote global mobility for the next generation of students. 1.... Read more
Ashok Natarajan
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The world has yet to evolve a coherent theory of peace. As health is commonly understood as the absence of disease, peace is broadly conceived as the absence of war. This is a negative ideal that merely eschews physical violence rather than replacing the urge for aggression with a positive and self-existent sense of security. It addresses the visible symptoms but... Read more
Joaquim Vergés-Jaime
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The aim of this article is to underline that the core paradigm of mainstream economics, economics’ standard model (ESM), rests upon an explanatory theory that draws on deductive assumptions which are not supported by what observations of the reality of market economies show us; either in the present day or historically. A theoretical setting, therefore, fails to... Read more
Frank Dixon
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract COVID-19 is a tragedy and opportunity for humanity. Reductionistic thinking and resulting flawed systems put human society in conflict with nature. They are the root causes of every major challenge facing humanity. To survive and prosper, we must align our economic, political and social systems with the laws of nature. COVID-19 provides an opportunity to do so. As... Read more
Garry Jacobs, Ivo Šlaus
Get Full Text in PDF Editors’ Note: In remembrance of Orio Giarini, founding Editor-in-Chief of Cadmus, we reproduce key ideas from an article by Garry Jacobs and Ivo Šlaus about his seminal contribution to economic thought which was originally published in the April 2012 issue of Cadmus under a slightly different title, “From Limits to Growth to Limitless Growth”. This provocative title was... Read more
“We appeal as human beings to human beings:Remember your humanity, and forget the rest.” These are the moving words with which Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell and nine other distinguished scientists and intellectuals introduced the famous resolution which became known as the Russell-Einstein Manifesto on July 9, 1955. Exactly 65 years later, their message is as relevant today as it was when it... Read more