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Issue 5 Part 2

Book Review — Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing
Book review — Money and Sustainability: The Missing Link
New and Appropriate Economics for the 21st Century: A Survey of Critical Books, 1978-2013
Money, Debt, People and Planet
On the Need for New Economic Foundations: A Critique on Mainstream Macroeconomics

Jakob von Uexkull
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The widespread failure to understand money creation plays a key role in the current policy impasse. In a world ruled by money, this failure disempowers and prevents serious consideration of alternatives. The key reasons why we are not moving faster in tackling the global crises are, we are told, because it is too expensive, there is not enough money, it is not (yet... Read more
Orio Giarini, Ivo Šlaus, Garry Jacobs
"The starting point is a human-centered theory of value that recognizes human welfare as the central objective and the creativity of human capital as the ultimate resource and source of all others." The discipline of Economics is at a cross-roads. Either it undertakes a comprehensive reevaluation of its fundamental postulates and a critical reassessment of their utility to solve real world... Read more
Michael Marien
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract Economics is an important construct explaining human wealth and well-being. Many economic ideas of the industrial era, however, are not appropriate to 21st century economies, where human and natural capital are increasingly valued, and simplistic assessments of wealth, national product, growth, and human happiness are increasingly questioned due to bad economic... Read more
Robert Hoffman
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The body of macroeconomic theory known as the neoclassical-Keynesian synthesis, hereafter mainstream macroeconomics, has dominated the practice of economics since the middle of the twentieth century and is largely unchallenged in institutions that teach economics. Not only does mainstream macroeconomics underlie monetary and fiscal policies intended to promote... Read more
Ivo Šlaus, Garry Jacobs
Get Full Text in PDF A Report from the Club of Rome – EU Chapter to Finance Watch and the World Business Academy By Bernard Lietaer, Christian Arnsperger, Sally Goerner and Stefan Brunnhuber Triarchy Press 2012 This report by WAAS Fellow Bernard Lietaer and his associates addresses important theoretical and practical issues regarding modern monetary systems. The central thesis of the report is... Read more
Michael Marien
Get Full Text in PDF Report of the United Nations Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability NY: United Nations, 30 Jan 2012, 94p (download full report or 22p Overview at This report is the latest UN vision of what must be done for a sustainable planet—essentially an update of the 1987 Brundtland report—featuring 56 proposals to empower people, to promote a... Read more