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SEED - South-East European Division of The World Academy of Art and Science

The Board of Trustees of the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) established its South-East European Division (SEED-WAAS) in 2005. SEED-WAAS includes fellows, associate and junior fellows of WAAS from South European countries, i.e. from Portugal and Spain to Greece and Turkey. Since 2005 membership of SEED-WAAS has more than tripled. SEED-WAAS is a member of the Central-Eastern European Network of national academies and of the ALLEA - association of all European academies. SEED-WAAS cooperates with The Club of Rome and national associations of the Club, with the Pugwash Movements and its national associations, and with The Balkan Political Club. Many fellows of SEED-WAAS are also members of these organizations.

Together with its partners SEED-WAAS has organized numerous international  conferences, sessions during international conferences and meetings, including events at Barcelona (2010), Ljubljana (2008), Zagreb (2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009), Banja Luka (2006, 2010), Sarajevo (2006), Dubrovnik (2009), Podgorica (2009) and Istanbul (2006 and 2009). Proceedings of some of these conferences are published and distributed to Fellows of WAAS and to participants. One remarkable achievement worthy of specific mention was the initiative by Orio Giarini, Fellow of SEED-WAAS and Member of The Club of Rome, who initiated and now for more than five years successfully directs the journal “The European Papers on New Welfare - The Counter-aging Society”. That journal served as a foundation and inspiration for the launching of CADMUS.

SEED-WAAS members are actively engaged and have initiated several recent and on-going programmes of the World Academy, notably the Initiative for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, Global Employment Challenge, The Evolution of Individuality, From Crisis to Prosperity and Limits to Rationality.

Garry Jacobs, President