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Cadmus Journal

The world is in need of guiding ideas, a vision, to more effectively direct our intellectual, moral and scientific capabilities for world peace, global security, human dignity and social justice. It needs evolutionary ideas that can spur our collective progress without the wake of destructive violence that threatens to undermine the huge but fragile political, social, financial and ecological infrastructures on which we depend and strive to build a better world. History has recorded the acts of creative individual thinkers and dynamic leaders who altered the path of human progress and left a lasting mark on society. Recently the role of pioneering individuals is giving place to that of progressive organizations inspired by high values and committed to achievement of practical, but far-reaching goals. This was the intention of the founders of the World Academy of Art & Science when it was established in 1960 as a transnational, transdisciplinary association to explore the major concerns of humanity. No single organization can by itself harness the motive force needed to change the world, but a group of like-minded organizations founded with such powerful intentions can become a magnet and focal point to project creative ideas that possess the inherent dynamism for self-fulfillment

Cadmus will be a journal for fresh thinking and new perspectives that integrate knowledge from all fields of science, art and humanities to address real-life issues, inform policy and decision-making, and enhance our collective response to the challenges and opportunities facing the world today.

ISSN 2038-5242 - Cadmus (Trieste. Testo stampato)

ISSN 2038-5250 - Cadmus (Trieste. Online)