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Volume 2 Issue 5

Changing the Dominant Paradigm in Economics
Concepts for a New Generation of Global Modelling Tools: Expanding our Capacity for Perception
Socioeconomic and Environmental Performance: A Composite Index and Comparative Application to the USA and China
Three Global Sustainability Leaders: Pope Francis, Jeffrey Sachs, and Nicholas Stern

Michael Marien
 Get Full Text in PDFGlobal temperatures are rising, along with droughts, floods, storms, wildfires, and melting of glaciers and tundra. Concern about climate change and sustainable development is necessarily growing. Three of the most important recent books and reports are reviewed here, as an introduction to major thinking about what must be done. I. Pope Francis on Integral Ecology and a... Read more
Joanilio Rodolpho Teixeira, Danielle Sandi Pinheiro, Anna Eloyr Vilasboas
 Get Full Text in PDFAbstract This paper deals with an analytical framework to provide a measure of overall performance which involves both socioeconomic activities and environmental sustainability using a recent Index of well-being. The composite indicator, created by Medrano-B & Teixeira (2013), is associated with the so called “Magic Square”, a diagram stimulated by the... Read more
Robert Hoffman, Bertram McInnis
 Get Full Text in PDFForeword This the first of two articles that describe the development of a new generation of global modelling tools that was first proposed by the authors as members of a working group of the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome in 1993. This paper describes the underlying conceptual framework adopted by the group. The companion paper describes the Global Systems... Read more
Maria de Lourdes Mollo
 Get Full Text in PDFAbstract This article addresses the discussion proposed by the World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS) about the need to build a new paradigm to confront the challenges of the global society and to move across to a New Society discussing specific problems related to economic globalization and proposing changes. The ways in which economic orthodoxy and heterodoxy... Read more
The need for revolutionary transformation of higher education discussed in previous issues of Cadmus is acquiring momentum. In spite of the initial problems, skepticism and resistance, online education is rapidly gaining ground both within universities and outside them in MOOCs and alternative educational delivery systems. Today more than 17 million students are participating in online courses... Read more