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Issue 4 Part 2

Uncorking the Future: Transitions to a New Paradigm
From Reset to Reboot?
Leadership for a New Paradigm in Human Development
Employment & the Unity of Social Sciences*
The Double Helix of Learning and Work*

Orio Giarini, Mircea Malitza
 Get Full Text in PDF Editors’ Note The Double Helix of Learning and Work by Orio Giarini and Mircea Malitza is a report to the Club of Rome first published by UNESCO in 2003. It advances fundamental paradigm-changing ideas in the field of education. Drawing inspiration from the double helix structure of DNA, the authors seek to strengthen the relationship between education and employment in... Read more
Ivo Šlaus
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract Employment and the unity of social sciences are discussed. The paper argues that employment is the simplest and the best indicator of human-centered sustainable and secure development. 1. Introduction The 20th century is referred as the measuring century.1 Indeed, the conception of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and its operational definition were introduced in... Read more
Janani Ramanathan
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract Everyone takes decisions and initiatives. Leaders take charge and initiate changes. Transformational leaders take responsibility for all and, guided by positive values, lead society into the future. These men and women of profound vision give expression to the subconscious aspirations of society that are striving to awaken, and act as a catalyst for their... Read more
Alexander Likhotal
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The Ukrainian crisis provoked a serious and dangerous deterioration of relations between Russia and the West. However the relations between Russia and the West should not be reduced to the current Ukrainian crisis. The rational interpretation requires getting rid of Cold war prejudices and facing the systemic disfunctionality of the current international system... Read more
Garry Jacobs
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract This article explores issues discussed at three recent WAAS events regarding the process of transition to a new paradigm. The prominent institutions and policies governing the present paradigm are founded upon a bedrock of ideas and values and an abstract, reductionistic mode of analytic thinking detached from people and social reality. Escape from the present... Read more