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Issue 3 Part 3

A World Parliament and the Transition from International Law to World Law
The Double Helix of Learning and Work: Chapter 3 – I Work, Therefore I Am
Can we still comply with the maximum limit of 2°C? Approaches to a New Climate Contract†
The Future of the Atlantic and the Role of Africa in International Development

Michael Marien
 Get Full Text in PDF Humanity-Craft for New Epoch LeadersAvant-Garde Politician: Leaders for a New Epoch Yehezkel Dror (Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Washington: Westphalia Press (Policy Studies Organization), April 2014, 350p, $17.50pb. [With Comparative Comment on Henry Kissinger World Order (Penguin, Sept 2014) and Ross Jackson, Occupy... Read more
Francesco Stipo
 Get Full Text in PDF Summary of the 2014 Report of the US Association for the Club of Rome Francesco StipoChair, Legal & Political Committee, US Association, Club of RomeAnitra ThorhaugChair, Energy & Environment, US Association, Club of RomeMarian SimionChair, Health & Religion Committee, US Association, Club of RomeJack Allison, Keith Butler, Ryan Jackson, Roberta Gibb Welch*... Read more
F. J. Radermacher
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The international climate policy is in trouble. CO2 emissions are rising instead of shrinking. The 2025 climate summit in Paris should lead to a global agreement, but what should be its design? In an earlier paper in Cadmus on the issue, the author outlined a contract formula based on the so-called ‘Copenhagen Accord’ that is based on a dynamic cap and an... Read more
Orio Giarini, Mircea Malitza
 Get Full Text in PDF Editors' Note The Double Helix of Learning and Work by Orio Giarini and Mircea Malitza is a report to the Club of Rome first published by UNESCO in 2003. It advances fundamental paradigm-changing ideas in the field of education. Drawing inspiration from the double helix structure of DNA, the authors seek to strengthen the relationship between education and employment in... Read more
Andreas Bummel
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract World civilization depends on the provision of global public goods such as tackling climate change, ensuring international financial stability or peace and security. Yet, the intergovern­mental system of global governance is not capable of delivering the required results. At a fundamental level, the change necessary to achieve functioning world governance... Read more