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Issue 2 Part 1

Expanding Network of Networks
The Coming Revolution in Education
New Paradigm: The Necessity and the Opportunity
Transition to a New Society
Environmental Acceptability as the driver of New Civilization
Change the World by Changing Economics
The Crisis of the Existing Global Paradigm of Governance and Political Economy

Earlier issues of Cadmus Journal have explored new ideas and strategies for addressing the multiple  challenges confronting global society today in the fields of economics, ecology, governance, security, society and culture. Beginning last year the focus of the World Academy of Art & Science shifted from examination of individual sectors to a search for comprehensive, integrated... Read more
Winston P. Nagan
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract This article seeks to underline the central challenges to world order that are outcomes of our current system of global, social, power and constitutional processes. The article outlines these major problems which it is suggested represent a crisis for the future trajectory of human survival and well-being. The paper then uses the problem of the emergence of... Read more
Karl Wagner
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract We live in a world of opportunity – the opportunity to use the insight generated through the multiple crises humanity finds itself in to transit into a much more liveable, sustainable and equitable society. A paradigm change seems to be taking place, a movement for change seems to be in the making, but at the same time there is a widespread feeling that things... Read more
Alexander Likhotal
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract We are on a collision course with nature. And the underlying reason is that humans' creative capacity has largely bypassed their adaptive capacity. Due to existing trends in 10 years the world will be changed dramatically. These trends will change the social standards and human behaviour patterns; shift “centres of gravity” from the West to East, from the North... Read more
Ivo Šlaus
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The contemporary world is global, uncertain and rapidly changing. The present economic, social and political paradigm is destroying natural, human and social capital at an accelerating pace. Problems generated by these destructions require urgent solution. All these problems are complex, and cannot be addressed in a piecemeal, sectorial fashion. These problems... Read more
Garry Jacobs
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The multi-dimensional challenges confronting global society today will not lend themselves to resolution by piecemeal sectoral strategies and incremental measures. Their causes are deep, inextricably interconnected and result from deficiencies in values, concepts, institutions, policies and actions. Fundamental change is needed in both thought and action – a... Read more
Alberto Zucconi, Garry Jacobs
 Get Full Text in PDF "The coming revolution in education is a harbinger of the coming freedom of the individual." There are many kinds and degrees of freedom – political, social, psychological and spiritual. The end of colonialism following WWII liberated a third of humanity from the oppression of foreign rule. The end of the Cold War brought the freedom of democracy to hundreds of... Read more
Orio Giarini, Heitor Gurgulino de Souza, Garry Jacobs, Winston P. Nagan, Ivo Šlaus, Alberto Zucconi
 Get Full Text in PDF The World Academy of Art & Science was founded as a network of concerned individuals committed to addressing the multi-faceted global challenges of the modern era. It would appear that a small group of people – no matter how distinguished – cannot expect to have significant impact on problems that span the entire globe and confront all of humanity. But appearances... Read more
Issue 2 Part 1