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Issue 1

Indicators of Economic Progress: The Power of Measurement and Human Welfare
The Knowledge Society: A Sustainability Paradigm
Theory & Strategies for Full Employment
Human Rights and Employment
Transforming Finance Group’s Call Recognizes Finance as a Global Commons
CADMUS: The Personality of a Journal
Introductory Paper for a Programme on The Wealth of Nations Revisited
Updating macro-economics

Ivo Šlaus, Garry Jacobs, Walt Anderson, Winston P. Nagan
Fellows of the World Academy of Art & Science, The Club of Rome, and the Pugwash Conferences Dear Friend, By now you should have received the first issue of Cadmus, and we - the Editorial Board - welcome your comments and suggestions. This journal is meant to be interactive, a vehicle for all of us to work together on issues that youdeem important. The development of human-centered economy... Read more
Ivo Šlaus, Garry Jacobs
“Leadership in thought that leads to action” is the phrase Harlan Cleveland, President of the Academy from 1991 to 2000, adopted to characterize the mission of the Academy. We — and the world — need it now, more than ever. We need innovative and truly fresh ideas, ideas that can open up new directions in the evolution of Earth and humanity. We need ideas that will enable us to better understand... Read more
Orio Giarini
Adam Smith’s analysis in the Wealth of Nations gave birth at the end of the eighteenth century to economics as we know it today. As a moral philosopher, he wanted to provide a better understanding of how to fight poverty. While most social thinkers insisted that wealth could only develop from agriculture, Smith observed that the beginning of the industrialisation process was the key and priority... Read more
T. Natarajan
Get Full Text in PDF At great moments, great movements arise. Life makes history memorable by its revelation at such moments. Military movements were led by generals, political movements by great personalities. After the war, leadership of such movements was offering itself to great international organizations. Initially the UN responded to the mature moment. The world has been waiting for one... Read more
Ashok Natarajan
Get Full Text in PDF Table of Contents The Need for New Theory and Strategies Necessity of Full Employment New Theoretical Perspectives Available Tools for Full Employment Endnotes 1. The Need for New Theory and Strategies From October 2009 to March 2010, the World Academy of Art & Science launched an e-conference on the Global Employment Challenge (GEC). The conference included video... Read more
Hazel Henderson
Get Full Text in PDF The Committee on Transforming Finance, a multinational network of career market participants: investors, asset managers, business executives, philanthropists, academics and financial authors, holds that the financial system is a global commons and calls for a new set of rules that would allow it to be governed in full conformance with this reality. We as beneficiaries and... Read more
Garry Jacobs, Ivo Šlaus
Get Full Text in PDF Table of Contents Introduction Tools and Measures Measures of National Income Need for New Theory Measures and Indicators Characteristics of a Successful Indicator The Problem of Value What are we trying to measure? Alternative indices Components of Economic Welfare Human Economic Welfare Index (HEWI) Composite HEWI Conclusions Endnotes 1. Introduction Right measurement... Read more
Winston P. Nagan
Get Full Text in PDF In the development of internationally sanctioned standards for labor and employment there are some threshold considerations that must be taken into account. First, labor and employment rights generally fall within the category of social, cultural and political rights. This is to be distinguished from conventional, civil and political rights. Internationally, the institution... Read more
Naim Hamdija Afgan, Maria G. Carvalho
  Get Full Text in PDF Abstract This paper defines the knowledge society as a human structured organisation based on contemporary developed knowledge and representing new quality of life support systems. It implies the need for a full understanding of distribution of knowledge, access to information and the capability to transfer information into a knowledge. The understanding of knowledge... Read more
Orio Giarini, Garry Jacobs, Bernard Lietaer, Ivo Šlaus
Get Full Text in PDF Table of Contents Introduction Theoretical Discontent From Newtonian to Human-Centered Economics Future of Work Money, Finance & Wealth The Service Economy Scarcity, Surplus & Markets Equity, Freedom & Social Stability Integration of Politics — Economy — Society Essential Issues for the New Economics Endnotes 1. Introduction Civilization is an instrument... Read more